The crew

Learning and growing together.

Dealing with problems and crises in a flexible way.

The future is collective and our agile organisation allows you to count on a team of experts who are always available to accompany you in your transformation, whatever the situation.

We are the first to prescribe our methods and we advocate innovation through the comparison of expertise and collective intelligence.

Always learning from our mistakes, this is the basis on which our independent, unique and expert collective works with its clients and partnersover the long term.

Team Rocket: the heart of the collective

  • Boris Petrovich

    Boris Petrovich Njegosh

    Founder & Strategist
  • Mario Esposito

    Agile coach
  • Laurent Friscour

    Administrative & Financial Manager
  • Antoine Navarro

  • Adrien Heury

    UI / UX Designer
  • Caroline Candas

    Systemic Facilitator
  • Benjamin Richy

    Benjamin Richy

    Expert UX & Lego Serious Play Facilitator
  • Véronique Petrovitch Njegosh

    Strategic Advisor
  • Maud Dupuis

    Business Designer
  • Bouchra Harkat

    HR & Organizational Transformation Consultant
  • Doris Lanzmann

    Creative Content Manager
  • Marie Husson

    Product Designer

The galactic experts

  • Stefan Ticu

    Technical Director
  • Damien Bonhomme

    Damien Bonhomme

    Lean 6 sigma expert facilitator
  • Marianne Rousselet

    Marianne Rousselet

    HR Coach Facilitator
  • Frédéric Bonnard

    Executive coach
  • Wei Cao

  • Hervé Tran

    Systemic coach

Our ecosystem

  • FPT Software
  • INOP'S

    Innovation platform

  • Green IT

    Digital Sobriety Label

  • Connection Leadership

    Transforming Council

  • Transform for Value

    Driving Change

  • Block 8

    Audiovisual Creation

  • My Small Placement

    Finance & Dev

  • Ocean Data

    Data & Analysis

  • Away Up

    Lead devs & devops

  • UCLY

    Data Ethics

  • Secure My Data


  • Capgemini

    Development & Integration

  • Accenture

    Transformation & Integration

  • Lost Mechanics

    Creative Technology

  • Little Workshop

    3D & VR developers

  • KT Racing

    Video game studio

  • Perfect Memory

    Semantic infrastructure

  • DigiSthesia

    Development & operation

  • Roosters

    Interaction & motion design

  • Heury & Heury

    Art Direction

  • Foot-soldier

    UX-UI designers

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