Preparing your teams for tomorrow's world

User experience, product culture agility, service eco-design or collaborative work. Are your teams up to speed for the world of tomorrow?

Rocket Method

  • "With Rocket Method, we are on a training/action logic: very little theory and a lot of practice! »

    Benjamin RICHY // Whyz

  • "I was reassured by the very professional way in which this UX training was conducted. When you see the waiting list for the next sessions, it's very positive."

    Aurélia RAMALLI // CAAP

  • "Our job is to translate the complexity of in-company training with simple, fun and always expert solutions.

    Boris PETROVITCH // Rocket labs

  • "Optimal preparation, an extremely well-run masterclass and outstanding logistics on the convocations and evaluations."

    Mégane AZZARO // CAAP

  • "Rocket Method's strength is that it offers a tailored approach to training for every organisation.

    Mario ESPOSITO // Dynergie

  • "A day at the masterclass is about experiencing something and realising that facilitation is not about giving.

    Caroline CANDAS // Trainer

Transmit, grow, transform!


Prepare organisations for the world of tomorrow and acculturate teams to the professions of the digital enterprise.

This is what we have been doing since 2016, accompanying and training hundreds of our clients' employees in the field.


The recent profound changes in the world of work have led us to adopt a hybrid and innovative learning format to bring together the best of both worlds in our Masterclasses.


Our secret? No magic sauce at Rocket labs but learning cycles alternating action and reflection (Kolb cycles) to maximise the transition to practice.

To each his own path, to each his own rhythm

5 levels of Masterclass to move from acculturation to postures and then to expertise that will transform your employees and your organisation.




To keep up with the evolution of an increasingly digital world, adopt the methods and postures of the digital organisation by introducing your employees to user experience (UX), agility, product management and collaborative work.

With our four exclusive Masterclass courses, cultivate and train project teams, business teams or cross-functional teams in the professions of tomorrow and transform your organisation.


The methods and tools of tomorrow

A relational excellence programme to support and inform your employees from the beginning to the end of the training.




A suite of 100% RGPD collaborative tools to facilitate all aspects of e-learning and engage participants in an experience they will remember!


They said so.

  • Aurélia RAMALLI

    Aurélia RAMALLI

    Experience Designer Crédit Agricole

    "It was a real pleasure to prepare this masterclass with Rocket, to work on it and to make it happen and to exchange on the results which are very positive. It is a common satisfaction and we are looking forward to the next step! "

  • Benjamin RICHY

    Benjamin RICHY

    UX Designer and Whyz trainer for Rocket labs

    "The collaborative design of solutions centred on users' needs, verified in the usage laboratory and then in production through user surveys, has enabled us to change the way we do things."

  • Mégane AZZARO

    Mégane AZZARO

    Head of Training Crédit Agricole

    "The training courses were extremely well prepared beforehand. We knew what the pedagogical objectives were, we knew what we were getting into and there were no surprises, preparation is the key to success."

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